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El Movimiento Earthquake Relief

We have partnered with UndocuMedia to provide aid to those affected by the devastating earthquake that occured on September 19th, 2017 in Central Mexico. With each purchase containing an El Movimiento tee, we will be donating 10% to assist in earthquake relief efforts.

The UndocuMedia team will be personally delivering provisions to the communities most affected to ensure that goods will be distributed directly to those in need.

Your donations will be used to finance the maintenance of the 18-wheeler(s), pay for gas and transportation tariffs, cover any emergencies that might occur along the 3,000+ mile journey, and financially support the drivers.

We appreciate your donation, love, and generosity towards our fellow brothers and sisters in Mexico. To learn more about this campaign, please visit:

Men's El Movimiento Tee

$ 7.00
$ 15.00

Women's El Movimiento Tee

$ 7.00
$ 15.00

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